Original Lenovo Magnetic Suction Keyboard with Detachable Holder Set for XiaoXin Pad


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1. Cloth fabric surface material, light and portable
2. Magnetic connection design, high efficiency and stability
3. Full-featured keyboard with touchpad
4. Separate holder, a large range of adjustable angle from 0-165 degrees
5. Powered by the tablet PC, the tablet is not included.
6. Size: 264x171x5.8mm
7. Net weight: 455g

Package Weight
One Package Weight 0.71kgs / 1.57lb
Qty per Carton 20
Carton Weight 14.80kgs / 32.63lb
Carton Size 52cm * 42cm * 30cm / 20.47inch * 16.54inch * 11.81inch
Loading Container 20GP: 407 cartons * 20 pcs = 8140 pcs
40HQ: 944 cartons * 20 pcs = 18880 pcs

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