HD 4K Smart TV Box without Wall Mount, Android 10.0


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1. CPU: Allwinner H313 Quad Core ARM Cortex A53
2. GPU: G31 OPenGL ES3.2
3. WiFi: IEEE 802.11 b/g/n
4. OS: Android 10.0
5. Power: DC 5V/2A;LED indicator,Working :Blue; Standby:Red
7. Language: English French German Spanish Italian etc multilateral languages
8. Online: Browse all video websites,support Netflix,Hulu,Flixster, Youtube, etc.
9. Apps: Apps download freely form android market、amazon app store etc.
10. Medium: Local Media playback,Support HDD, U Disck ,TF Card .
11. Others: Support Email,office suit etc.
12. Support DLNA function
13. Support 2.4G wireless mouse/keyboard

1.HDMI x1: 4K*2K UHD Output, HDMI 2.0A
2. AV OUT x1: 480i/576i standard definition output
3. USB x2 : 1* USB Host Port ,1*USB Device
4. IR Reciver x1: Remote Reciver Connect
5. RJ45 x1: Ethernet Interface
6. TF Cardx1: Support 4GB/8GB/16GB/32GB/64GB

Accessories :
1. HDMI cable x1
2. IR Remote x1
3. User Manual x1
4. Package box x1
5. Power adapter x1
Package Weight
One Package Weight 0.40kgs / 0.89lb
Qty per Carton 20
Carton Weight 9.50kgs / 20.94lb
Carton Size 36cm * 28cm * 32cm / 14.17inch * 11.02inch * 12.6inch
Loading Container 20GP: 826 cartons * 20 pcs = 16520 pcs
40HQ: 1919 cartons * 20 pcs = 38380 pcs

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